How to Cope with Stress


As school continues to wear us down, we begin to feel a lot of stress, Stress to maintain our grades, stay social, keep up with all our extra curriculars, and still have enough time to get enough sleep. Obviously this is no easy feat, especially when you are a procrastinator, a trait I am still working hard to dispose of, like me.

Tip #1: Time management.

Now this is the one of the best ways to keep your sanity. It sounds very simple, I know, but boy does it save your life. I, for one, found myself much more relaxed when I began managing my time properly. I know that everyone just wants to go home after school and take a nap or go on Twitter, or go out with friends but getting all the stuff you need to get done before doing what you want makes everything a lot easier on you. I used to do this and I would stay up so late doing homework, so rule of thumb, don’t do that. Instead start on your homework, take little breaks in between so you don’t get too overwhelmed though, and when you are finished you can watch all the Netflix you want.

Tip #2: A good study environment.

A nice, clean environment really changes your attitude about working. I don’t really know why but when the area I’m working in is cluttered, my mind feels cluttered as well if that makes sense. I like to work either in the library or at home with lit candles and some music playing. I feel like these environments allow me to work efficiently. So just find a suitable place that works for you; maybe it’s your bedroom, or the dining table, whatever you want as long as you feel comfortable in it.


Tip #3: Relax.

Every once in a while you should just take a break from school, go out with some friends and have some fun. Take a bath. Drink tea. Watch a movie. Eat chocolate. Go for a walk. Anything that you like to do, you should do it and just forget about everything that stresses you out for a little while. I think that this tip is the most important of all because sometimes you just need some time off and relax to clear your mind, even if it is only for like an hour.

That’s all for today lovelies! I hope you enjoyed these tips and please let me know if you have anything to add, I would love to know more ways of coping with stress that work for you. Thanks for reading and I will see you next week!


One thought on “How to Cope with Stress

  1. I really liked the high res pictures and the content of this post was super relatable and interesting! I loved all the ways you came up with how to cope with stress and I do the same things as well (: Your other posts are also suuuper interesting to read so keep up with the good work!!


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