“You don’t have to be pretty like her. You can be pretty like you.”


There’s a lot of pressure these days to look a certain way and act a certain way. We are bombarded by the media with images of people who are almost unrealistically beautiful. Which of course they are.. We often forget that 99.9% of everything that we see on television, online, in the magazines, etc. are photoshopped to achieve this sense that we label as perfection. This causes people to start to self-doubt and compare themselves to the people in the photo they see. I, for one, do. Every time I see a photo of a model the first thing I do is compare what I look like to what she looks like. I basically think wow she so pretty and I’m a potato.  Which is not okay at all. It dramatically lowers my self esteem and as of late, I’ve been trying to do everything I can to stop myself from comparing my appearance to another’s.

For whatever reason we are taught to hate ourselves and to put ourselves down. It is okay to love yourself. In fact, it is more than okay, you should love yourself!

Falling in love with yourself first doesn’t make you vain or selfish, it makes you indestructible.

EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL REGARDLESS OF WHAT THE MEDIA OR ANYONE ELSE SAYS. Everyone is beautiful in their own little ways. You are beautiful with makeup. You are beautiful without makeup. You are beautiful whether you know it or not.

The saddest part is that EVERY girl regardless of race, sexual orientation, body type, disability, health, age or any other difference between us says phrases such as:

– I actually look pretty today.
– I like my body today.
– I kinda look okay today.
– My face looks terrible but I like my outfit!
And the sad part of this is that we are all shocked when we think we look good. Because WE ARE ALL made to feel bad about ourselves.
We are all taught that there is something wrong with our bodies so do not love them.
Do not love yourself.
And certainly don’t love other girls for having features that are unique to them.

This is not okay.
This is not okay.

How long until we all stand together?
How long until we decide for ourselves that we are worthy of self love?

Okay rant done. Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you all next week!


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