This is why we need feminism.

The other day I was talking to my friend about driving and getting ready to take our permit tests when I said that learning how to drive where we live is fairly difficult because of all the reckless drivers. This is when he remarked, “Oh its because you are girl and you would be no good at driving.” I was highly offended by this because one, that is sexist. And two, your gender does not in any way define whether or not you would be a good driver. I mean yes I am a girl but that does not mean that I should suddenly be classified as a bad driver. For all he knows, I could be the best driver in the city. It was then when I went off on a rampant rant about misogyny and how it shouldn’t be socially acceptable for people to just say stuff like that. Just saying, but natural selection is coming for you my friend.





Then later that day, I watched a video where this girl toured a college campus and was asked what she wanted to pursue. To this, she replied law. The guy then went on to say that pretty girls shouldn’t study law or something to that extent. Like what? What does that even mean? Now girls can’t be pretty and smart? Just because I care about the way I look and enjoy fashion and/or makeup doesn’t mean that I’m an airhead who is incapable of pursuing a law degree.

Not only that but lately I’ve noticed that double standards have been more prominent in today’s society. Like say for example, a guy models for a scandalous company and everyone explodes over what a great ad that was but a girl does the same and suddenly she’s labeled as promiscuous and other degrading words.

When a man gives his opinion, he’s a man. When a woman gives her opinion, she’s a [female dog].
Bette Davis

And while I am at it, the situation about rape is completely ridiculous as well. Like the solution is so simple and straightforward yet its still not being done for whatever reason… All you have to do is to teach boys to respect girls and not rape people! That’s all it takes, yet rape is still such a prominent problem in our society. And, I also cannot stress this enough: what you wear is not equal to consent, smiling does not mean consent, the only thing that would mean consent is if they verbally told you yes and were willing to partake in such an action. Just because she was wearing a short skirt or maybe flirted with you a little bit does not mean that she was “asking for it” and that your actions were okay.

Today in the park I was walking my dog and there was this other girl walking her poodle. She was really pretty and very very nice. Our dogs played for a little while. And then her poodle squatted and pooped, and when she leaned down to pick it up a dude started yelling [sexual] obscenities [at her].

She got up and literally threw the bag of warm poop at him.

It hit him in the face.

I got to witness that. This might be the best day of my life. 


Well that’s all for today, thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed my post! See you all next week.


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