You don’t have to be mean to be cool.


I’m sure you’ve all seen the movies where the most popular girls in school are also, coincidentally, always the meanest. It’s almost as though the media wants to attribute being popular to being mean, maybe because its more exciting when an ice queen rules the school rather than your typical nice girl, who knows. However, it’s instilling this idea, this mentality, that in order to be well-known, a person must show at least some degree of coldness.

Always be kinder than you feel.

And maybe I’m being stereotypical but I can’t help but state what I see going on around me. Some people may think that being rude makes them trendy and putting other people down makes them cool but if anything, it only makes you totally uncool. Where did the ridiculous idea of hurting other people to look good even come from? I mean, I know some people who demean people just to be funny. It’s honestly sick whenever someone makes fun of something someone is sensitive about like their weight or their appearance for the sole reason of getting some laughs. At this point, you’re not only being mean but you’re bullying them and that shouldn’t be condoned. And it is definitely not something you should be proud of.

Now I get that we all have our off days every once in a while and just about every little thing can set us off because we are so irritated but I just think that it’s so important to be kind to other people, even when you aren’t in the best mood. Sometimes, it can be terribly hard to be ncie, especially when a person is pissing you off so badly, but life wasn’t meant to be easy. I’m not saying you have to go and give everyone you see a hug and compliment them 5 times a day (though wouldn’t the world be such a lovely place if that were the case), but just keeping mean thoughts to yourself is more than enough. And of course a smile here and there never hurt anyone.


Just keep in mind that it’s easy to be mean and to be cold and to be harsh and its easier to lock people out than to let them in, but is that really the way that you want to live your life?


10 thoughts on “You don’t have to be mean to be cool.

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    This post is super cool. My persona used to be scary, intimidating, bangs girl but once you get to know her she’s actually nice. I realized that what’s most important is skipping the scary stuff and just being nice would be cool. It’s true that it’s much easier to shut people out; no one could hurt your feelings, you don’t have to keep up with them, or even talk to them. However, it’s pretty lonely when you shut yourself out from everyone. I had no one I could really talk to whenever I was feeling moody on my period (lol) or got rejected from an interview or something that’d make me upset. But ever since I passed that scary, dark phase, I’ve made much more friends and acquaintances that I talk to everyday and bring up my spirits when I’m not feeling too great. We even give each other mixed CDs sometimes which is another plus.

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  2. This post applies so much to current societal norms in schools and universities. I don’t know why it is acceptable to be rude and cruel in order to be considered “cool” but it’s so true and you just stated perfectly how there are other ways to go about being noticed by peers. Bullying is not one of them. Amazing post!

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    Sometimes what stands out is something that is different from the common world. In a world, nice people…because they are so nice, they are being ignored and not appreciated enough to be noticed. Yet, those who are mean to other people, people around them view them as superiors so then they followed blindly. Furthermore, another reason why most follow mean people because they can’t be like them or they just want to be like them. In their eyes, they think that mean people have more attention, good or bad, are more popular. Hence, since they are just common people, they also want to stand out from the people around them by trying to fit in with the people above them and be on the side of someone who has more power, instead of supporting the side that cannot even protect himself from others. Usually and instinctively, most people follow the side that is more beneficial to them. Therefore, these mindsets often lead to conflicts amongst one another in one common and normal living world.

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