Always be kinder than you feel.


For the past 30 days, I along with 3 of my friends have been working on an innovation project that we named “Project Kind”. The main objective was to promote acts of kindness and to help others remember that it’s cool to be nice, not lame. We’ve noticed that sometimes, people think being nice is a sign of weakness or you’re not a “cool kid” if you’re too nice. Which is completely not the case, so we made it our goal to show people that being kind is completely worth it. We were initially inspired by P1124, an organization that encourages selfless acts of kindess, and we too advocate this notion so we began brainstorming ideas to help us enter our idea into the world and global conversation.

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You don’t have to be mean to be cool.


I’m sure you’ve all seen the movies where the most popular girls in school are also, coincidentally, always the meanest. It’s almost as though the media wants to attribute being popular to being mean, maybe because its more exciting when an ice queen rules the school rather than your typical nice girl, who knows. However, it’s instilling this idea, this mentality, that in order to be well-known, a person must show at least some degree of coldness.

Always be kinder than you feel.

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“Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.”

tumblr_ndf4je1fNm1qaksmjo1_400[1]I once knew this girl who was so painstakingly kind that I almost couldn’t believe she was real. She was nice to every single person she met, even if they weren’t very fond of her, she was nice to them anyway. It was safe to say that nearly everybody loved her, everybody wanted to be her. I found myself aspiring to be like her. Which wasn’t much of a surprise because she was perfect. It was actually scary how someone could maintain such a well balanced life: stellar grades, amazing social life, and pretty, inside and out.

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Just simple things, not diamond rings.


Sometimes, happiness may seem difficult to achieve. You might think that you need that nice new car or that gorgeous little black dress that you saw while on an impromptu shopping spree and didn’t have enough money to get. Maybe its that cute boy that sits behind you in class or even that dog you saw at the pet store. Although these things may bring some happiness, it is most often temporary and will soon fade. You will get bored of these materialistic things and seek for something much more fulfilling.

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